Glory Ran EPX

Welcome To Glory Ran Online EP4 Server.. Invite your friends here if you like the game.. Have fun Smile Server Info: When you create a character you can automatically have +9 Crystal set and weapon and also auto learn of 7-297 skill ^^,
Glory Ran EPX

Welcome to Glory Ran Online EP4 MIX EPX !! Please support our server to grow and plesae be patient guys in our server hours , Later i can solve this ..

Welcome To Glory Ran.. Enjoy!



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    Post by Admin on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:01 am

    For senders:
    1. Go to any Smart Padala Center then fill out a form (name, address, telephone number, Smart Money number* of Beneficiary). Submit a copy of your ID and pay sending fee as low as Php 10.

    2. The Smart Padala Center will transfer cash to the Smart Money number of beneficiary via mobile phone.

    SMart padala number : 5577511893381119

    contact: Admin Lecram Admin drake

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