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Welcome to Glory Ran Online EP4 MIX EPX !! Please support our server to grow and plesae be patient guys in our server hours , Later i can solve this ..

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    Forum Guidelines Empty Forum Guidelines

    Post by Inno- on Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:40 pm

    GloryRan Community Forum User Guidelines v1.1.0

    Now that we have moved to a new forum, we also have seen the need of new rules to help us keep our environment cleaner and safer everyone in the forums. And so with this, may we present to you our new forum guidelines~
    Our forum guidelines are based two basic principles: Respect and Proper Ethics. With respect you get good quality posts and topics; with proper ethics you gain order. Hand in hand, these two will help give us the environment that is conducive for everyone in the forums.
    Here are the top three things to keep in mind when posting in our forums:

    1.) When you post, everyone can see it. Make sure everyone can read it, understand it, and be better after reading it.
    2.) Make sure that if you say something, it is constructive
    3.) All activities in the forum will affect everyone one way or another.

    Well if you still want to know the specific do's and dont's, here is the list:


    Class D Offenses

    Off-topic posts - Every topic has its own section for a reason, and we would like to help foster the habit of posting in the right topic and on topic.

    All-caps /Excessive punctuation marks - Posting in ALL CAPS is just like shouting, and using excessive punctuation marks!!!!! will not only clutter your post, but will also make others not be able to grasp your point properly. Try posting properly, applying and observing good punctuation and syntax. Keep it brief, succinct and straight to the point.

    Excessive Bumping of threads - Although it is allowed to bump your posts to raise your topic from the ground, doing this too many times a day will not only unnecessarily lengthen your thread, but will also be tantamount to spamming. Try to bump your thread once a day. ;D

    Signature violations - Let's face it -- everyone wants to show off their skills with making signatures. However, let us be consistent and considerate of our fellow forumers who do not have a fast net connection. Keep it within the prescribed dimensions: 350x150px (including text captions), and 500x200px (for full text signatures) and a 50kb file size limit.

    Posting HUGE photos, videos or files - In relation to the rule regarding signatures, this is also a must: Post pictures in thumbnails as much as possible. Or better yet, use the spoiler tags.

    [Report Post] Button Abuse. - The report button is there for you to report a thread that is inappropriate or those that violates our rules. But, please, this is not the reply button.

    Spamming/Posting Non-sense posts - We all know that the more posts a thread has, the longer it takes for it to load. By making nonsense posts and useless replies (such as one-liner comments that do not help in the development of the topic) won't help the topic.

    =Addendum 23.04.2010=
    Also, be reminded that extensively using sTiCkY cApS in replying (especially the sHrTnD ones) will fall under this rule. If you wish to use this for fun, try not to have this take more than 10% of your post.

    Petition posts - Some policies, decision, items, and patches are there for a reason. Also, please remember that decisions made for each game are done with the best your best interest in mind; so making petitions for these issues will not help us in making better solutions for our games.

    Any offense(s) similar to the above

    Class C Offenses

    Flooding -This is similar to Spamming, only that he/she has posted the same content in the same thread successively.

    Posting about locked or deleted threads/Moderator decisions in public - Questioning moderator decisions in public will not only aggravate the situation needlessly, but will only cause further bickering amongst the community.

    Deliberately posting incomprehensible content. - We all know that this is the internet, and that all people from different cultures and languages may view your post. So try to make your post understandable and comprehensible by other people. If you do plan on posting content that isn't generally understandable, post a translation or notes that will help us in reading your post properly.

    Class B Offenses

    Obscene or Vulgar posts - Posting these will not only aggravate people who wish for a peaceful forums, but will also offend those who are children or minors in the forum.

    Unofficial use of GM names/ prefix in your account - Please be reminded that using this prefix will always make others think that you are a Game Master. To avoid this misconception, try not to use this in your display names. If found, your name will be edited and account sanctioned, depending on the gravity of the situation.

    Inappropriate names (eg. names with cursing words, etc.) - As with the obscene and vulgar posts rule, it applies to names, too.

    Antagonism (deliberate hate posts without an acceptable basis) - Making posts like these will only disrupt our community and will cause an unnecessary commotion; so try avoiding making these topics. If you do have concerns, kindly PM any GM --they will be more than happy to be aware of your concern.

    Harassment or Defamatory posts/topics of any kind toward any member - In accordance to our goals to keep a peaceful and orderly environment, posting these kind of topics will not only inconvenience that member, but will also affect the community as well. And please do consider that this kind of offense is libelous, too.

    Flaming/Flame baiting - In making argumentative posts, it is better to stick to the topic and to the issue at hand. Trying to insult your opponent in this will not help the topic, and will cause unnecessary confrontation and posts. Also, posting content or replies that will bait players into flaming you is equally destructive, too.

    Distribution of real-life information without permission from the owner. - We value account security and privacy. Try avoiding these kinds of topics.

    Any offense(s) similar to the above
    Class A Offenses

    Quitting Threads - Telling the whole world that you are quitting isn't nice. You are just inviting other players to follow suit, too, if they have the same, if not similar, reasons to do so.

    Impersonating a known player, member, Moderator, Game Master, or GloryRan Staffs - No matter the reason, impersonation of any player/employee/representative of e-Games is prohibited.

    Trolling - By definition, trolls are accounts created for the sole reason to flame/cause disruption to a community. These accounts are permanently banned; and, with an investigation, the main account as well.

    Evading suspensions and bans - These sanctions are there for a reason, and by evading bans (creating new accounts/dummy accounts) will defeat that purpose. By doing so will also include your main account.

    Misinformation -When making posts/topics with sensitive information or with a sensitive topic, make sure you do with proper and verifiable sources. Remember that the difference between fact and opinion counts as well. False claims will be dealt with accordingly.

    Threats to any member, Moderator, Game master or GloryRan Staffs - If you have a concern that needs immediate attention, call our Helpdesk or contact us via PM. Making threats in making demands will not help you or your concern, either.

    Improper sexual/racial/ethnic or violent posts - These will cause a misunderstanding between the community and the involved party; as such, these kind of topics is strictly prohibited.

    Posting or advocacy of cheats, hacks, third party programs, illegal trading, etc. - We value proper and fair gaming. With this, advocacy of such cheats and hacks are not allowed --no matter what the reason.

    Commercial advertising of any form or kind - Our forums is a community for discussions; posting any advertisement of any kind will not help us in any way.

    Exploiting loopholes in rules. - The rules are there for a reason, and by exploiting loopholes in rules will not help the community in any way.

    Gambling of any form or kind. - By keeping the forum free from any form of gambling, we help foster the value of hard work and dedication in our members.

    Plagiarism - We know that we would like to help each other with making guides, and there are many of us who goes through the painful process of making one. Copy-pasting guides from other forums will not help either, as this is stealing from them. Even with a disclaimer or that you have asked for permission from the author, make sure to secure a screenshot of the PM/message allowing you to post them here. Refer to our Guides Policy for more details.

    Rebellion - As with exploiting loopholes, this is worse --this involves other people in violating the rules.


    Class D -Written Warning (either via PM/Posting on related thread) and removal of post/thread/item involved plus 1-3 Days Post Moderation.
    Class C - 7-Day Suspension of Account plus 3-7 Days Post Moderation
    Class B-30-Day Account Suspension plus 7-15 Days Post Moderation
    Class A -Permanent Account Suspension

    Post moderation durations will depend on the gravity of the offense.
    Each successive offense of the same level will merit the penalty for the next higher offense. For example, if a user has committed a Class D offense twice, his next penalty will be from Class C.

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